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  • Russian bride Just feel me in this world

    Bride Nataliya 39 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine without children. atractive woman looking for dates
    I am mature woman who is eager to build a family with the right man. Communication is important for me. I like to talk and discuss instead of argue and quarrel. I am positive perso... more about Nataliya from Kiev

    ShiningNataly offline
  • Russian bride I believe the world has such beauty for us to see

    Bride Irina 51 y/o from Kharkov, Ukraine with children. beautiful russian woman in matrimonial sites
    One aspect of my character is that I am a very responsible person and hold myself to a high standard. People around me can rely on me, knowing from experience that I will not let t... more about Irina from Kharkov

    Very_merryIrina offline
  • Russian bride I will make your life better than paradise!

    Bride Nataliya 47 y/o from Lugansk, Ukraine with children. ideal woman for international marriage
    I’m a person from flesh and blood so I have good and bad character traits. I don’t pretend to be perfect. I cry when I watch romantic movies as they touch me. I can have tears when... more about Nataliya from Lugansk

    Natalya_coquette offline
  • Russian bride To my beloved I'll come to Kiev for a meeting!

    Bride Valentina 48 y/o from Sevsk, Russia with children. beautiful single lady girl in first international marriage
    I am Gemini. So, I am energetic, imaginative, adaptable, gentle, affectionate and curious. You will see that I have an ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. I am the mix of... more about Valentina from Sevsk

    Valentina_sweetybead offline
  • Russian bride Follow me... I will show you the land of Happiness

    Bride Yulia 45 y/o from Melitopol, Ukraine with children. belle russe looking for wife
    I am a cheerful and caring lady, my friends say that I am an interesting company, I am smart, with a good sense of humour, I know the life, and I know what men seek in their women.... more about Yulia from Melitopol

    YuMa offline
  • Russian bride Waiting for love

    Bride Juliya 49 y/o from Kharkov, Ukraine with children. russian woman lady single dating ukrainian want to marry
    I am a merry and life loving woman. I have a grown up daughter that I love very much. I have a good work that I like, too, but I need to have my beloved next to me. I do not know w... more about Juliya from Kharkov

    Julianna2012 offline
  • Russian bride My intuition tells me that we may have a future

    Bride Tanyusha 24 y/o from Zhytomyr , Ukraine without children. russian ladies mail brides looking for family
    I should notice that I am busy with my studies now. I don't have a lot of free time.That`s why I spend my free time with maximum use. I enjoy reading fiction literature. I also con... more about Tanyusha from Zhytomyr

    Ambitious_Tanya offline
  • Russian bride I'm waiting for our meeting in Kiev!

    Bride Tanya 43 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine with children. russian ladies girls ru registration looking man
    I am sure everyone deserves love and happiness , and I am looking for them here. I was hurt in my life but I was happy , too. I am looking for some harmony which we reach when the ... more about Tanya from Kiev

    Tanya_Clear offline
  • Russian bride Hello dear!

    Bride Nataliya 44 y/o from Zhytomyr, Ukraine with children. russian ladies single looking for in a relationship partner
    I consider myself to be a strong person. But when I come back home, I become a weak woman who just dreams about lying next to my beloved man and enjoy this life together. I can be ... more about Nataliya from Zhytomyr

    Pretty_butterfly_N offline
  • Russian bride a girl dressed in happiness

    Bride Lilija 26 y/o from Zhytomyr, Ukraine without children. cf russian bride seeking men
    I was told not once that I'm a heart of any company. I can find a common language with anybody and I don't devide people on good and bad. I'm well-educated person without any bad h... more about Lilija from Zhytomyr

    Red_Lili111 offline
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