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  • Russian bride my nature

    Bride Oksana 39 y/o from Zhytomyr, Ukraine with children. russian lady online want to marry
    I was growing up abroad. I finished school in Lithuania and then I relocate to Ukraine and got married here. It is a long story of my life and I'll tell you about it later. Now I ... more about Oksana from Zhytomyr

    Oksi_happy_woman offline
  • Russian bride I'll hypnotize you with magic of my dance...

    Bride Albina 26 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine without children. russian ladies dating ukraine
    I am not only slim, attractive lady with deep grey eyes, I am an intelligent and sophisticated woman who likes reading, traveling, dancing, doing yoga. I like animals, especially h... more about Albina from Kiev

    Take_me offline
  • Russian bride about myself

    Bride Elena 38 y/o from Zhytomyr, Ukraine without children. order online lady seeking marriage
    I'm a person whom yon can ask for help and you will always get it. I'm very kind-hearted, empathic and sensitive. I like people with a good sense of humor and I think I'm also the... more about Elena from Zhytomyr

    woman_for_a_family offline
  • Russian bride miss cuddling and evenings full of passion

    Bride Angelina 29 y/o from village of Sabowka, Ukraine without children. russian lady beautiful woman for marriage in america
    I am easy-going and loving. If you want to feel what the real happiness is I am here. I am open minded and friendly. I like new experience. But on the other hand I will be a faithf... more about Angelina from village of Sabowka

    Angelinochka_love offline
  • Russian bride My intuition tells me that we may have a future

    Bride Tanyusha 25 y/o from Zhytomyr , Ukraine without children. russian ladies mail brides looking for family
    I should notice that I am busy with my studies now. I don't have a lot of free time.That`s why I spend my free time with maximum use. I enjoy reading fiction literature. I also con... more about Tanyusha from Zhytomyr

    Ambitious_Tanya offline
  • Russian bride To my beloved I'll come to Kiev for a meeting!

    Bride Valentina 48 y/o from Sevsk - Kiev, Russia with children. beautiful single lady girl in first international marriage
    I am Gemini. So, I am energetic, imaginative, adaptable, gentle, affectionate and curious. You will see that I have an ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. I am the mix of... more about Valentina from Sevsk - Kiev

    Valentina_sweetybead offline
  • Russian bride I'm looking for a man for serious relationship!

    Bride Inna 38 y/o from Vinnitsa, Ukraine with children. real russian girls looking man
    I am tender, kind and gentle! I have no bad habits. I am very quiet girl! I do not like conflicts and scandals. I do not have any complexes! I'm looking for a man for serious ... more about Inna from Vinnitsa

    WOMAN_FOR_LOVE_ offline
  • Russian bride My video will tell me about me!

    Bride Marianna 28 y/o from Lugansk, Ukraine without children. romantic woman looking for you
    I can characterize myself as a positive person who always tries to see the positive moments in everything that happens. I like joking and smiling as it prolongs our life, I can s... more about Marianna from Lugansk

    Mashunya_long_legs offline
  • Russian bride The way, which is thousand of miles, strats from the first step

    Bride Sveta 38 y/o from Lugansk, Ukraine without children. online lady woman looking for a bride
    I'm confident, easy-going, sociable and friendly. I can also say that I'm honest, open, reliable, trustworthy and sensitive. My friends always share all their secrets and problems ... more about Sveta from Lugansk

    Lana_Crystal offline
  • Russian bride Rejoice in life, be yourself - and do not lose your head!

    Bride Lyuda 47 y/o from city Krasnyi Luch, Ukraine without children. bride girl want to marry
    I like to order coffee "Three K" in the coffee house, I love summer rain, emerald greenery in the spring, and I like when the snow under the feet creaks freshly fallen snow, I like... more about Lyuda from city Krasnyi Luch

    Milochka_Smile offline
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